Task Force Committees

The Georgians First Commission's operational strategy includes forming task force committees around specific issues that are important to small business. The Commission will provide the task force committees with structure, private sector resources, and subject matter expertise, to help those committees deliver impactful recommendations back to the full Commission and Governor.

The initial Georgians First Task Forces include:

  • Customer Experience / Regulatory Reduction
  • Occupational Licensing / Permitting Reform
  • State Procurement for Small Business
  • Access to Capital
  • Tax Reform / Competitiveness
  • Minority Owned Business
  • Health Care Cost & Access for Small Business
  • GAWomenLead - Women's Entrepreneurship
  • Rural Small Business Development
  • Industry-Focused:
    • Technology
    • Healthcare
    • Trucking / Transportation
    • Restaurant / Food Service
    • Agri-business / Agri-tech
  • Economic Development for Small Business

If you're interested in participating on a task force, please let us know.